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Lotus Plant

Lotus Plant

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Latin Name- Nelumbo Nucifera Hardy Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 4-6ft Width-8-12inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Lotus Plant - Nelumbo nucifera. Lotus plants grow in shallow waters.

They are native to Asia, but their American variety is known as the American Lotus, (Nelumbium luteum). The American lotus has smaller petals that are paler in color. Classic Lotus Plants thrive in warm and sunny climates and do not tolerate cold weather well. They're beautiful and often used as a decorative accent in ponds. Lotuses are flowering plants with delicately long pink and white petals. In rare cases, the leaves can have a rose or white color only. They bloom by day, and their blooms fall by night.

Lotus plants love sunlight and were even thought to have given birth to the sun in Egyptian mythology.

Lotus Plants have roots that originate deep in the muddy soil beneath ponds and creeks. Therefore, they are usually found in cloudy and murky water. Their stems reach for the sun after sprouting. The top of the Lotus plant is all that is visible above the water's surface. Lotus plants have flowers that are incredibly buoyant. This is what causes them to float so effortlessly. Lotus plants have other recognizable names such as the Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, and Sacred Water-Lily. They have deep spiritual meaning in Asia and are the national flower of India. Buddhists consider the Lotus flower to be sacred.

They're used in Buddhist practices due to the symbolism of the flower.

It is equal to the Buddha in their religion. Lotus plants were originally used for treatments in ancient Asian medicine. This is still practiced in some places today. The uses of Lotus plants range greatly. Every form of the Lotus plant is edible. Its large green leaves are used as wraps in Asian cuisine.

Lotus plants have profound meaning in some cultures. The Lotus plant and flower symbolize love, fertility, serenity, peace, grace, majesty, and knowledge. They’re classified as an aquatic perennial. This means they’ll gracefully return every year. Lotus plants are actively cultivated in beautiful water gardens around the world.
Buy this plant from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. This is a high water plant. It will grow well in ponds and lakes. This plant will give waterfowl a great place to hide. It is excellent because fish can also feed off this plant. Lotus Plant will also attract other wildlife.

Lotus Plant




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