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Maple Leaf Viburnum

Maple Leaf Viburnum

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Latin Name- Arrowood Viburnum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-15 ft Width- 6-15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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The Maple Leaf Viburnum is a hardy shrub.

The size of the Maple Leaf Viburnum ranges in size from 3 feet wide to 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall to 6 feet tall. It is a native plant. The Maple Leaf Viburnum is a flower producing plant. The flowers that are produced by this plant are cream to white. The flowers are both male and female. The flowers are this color in May, June, July, and August. During the later months of July, August, September, and October the flowers turn color to one that is almost black.

Maple Leaf Viburnum is a perfect plant to have in your garden.

Every year after the age of 2 years old or 3 years old, the Maple Leaf Viburnum makes a large volume of seeds and fruit. Other names that the Maple Leaf Viburnum plant goes by include squash berry, maple-leaved arrow-wood, dockmackie, possum-haw, and maple-leaf viburnum.

The Maple Leaf Viburnum can be found growing on ravines, in a forest, and on hillsides. Many members of the forest's wildlife enjoy feasting on the Mapleleaf Viburnum making it an important part of the food chain and ecosystem.

The leaves of the Maple Leaf Viburnum plant look like miniature mature maple trees. The leaves themselves can grow anywhere from 2 inches long all the way to 5 inches long. On the undersurface of the Maple Leaf Viburnum plant, one can find small black dots decorating the green leaf. During the fall, the green leaf becomes an excellent looking purplish red color. During the fall the Mapleleaf Viburnum has fruits that are of color between blue and black. The fruits can be compared to a sweet pea when referring to size. The flowers produced by the Mapleleaf Viburnum are white. The flowers are miniature. The Mapleleaf Viburnum plant flowers also produce what is called cymes.

Maple Leaf Viburnum can be molded and shaped to fit any garden, landscape or business district.

The Maple Leaf Viburnum is a plant that can be found anywhere, from Florida all the way up to Canada. The Maple leaf plant will add something unique to your garden because of the white flowers and healthy green foliage it offers. The growth rate of this plant is 2-3 ft. Per year. The soil requires a moist atmosphere. There is plenty to love with this plant with the excellent combination of green foliage and fresh flowers. This is a plant that can survive on its own and does not need much watering.

Maple Leaf Viburnum


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