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Morning Glory

Morning Glory

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Morning Glory is one of the most widely known vines around.

This small woody vine climbs and spreads along the ground. This is a very hardy plant. This plant is known for its morning flowers which dry out as the day goes on. These plants are perfect for gardens, homes, and trellises.


Morning Glory Vine
Botanical Latin Name: Ipomoea tricolor
Common Name: Morning glory
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 3-9
Mature Height: 10 feet
Spread: Six to eight feet
Spacing: 10 inches
Growth Rate: Rapid
Flowering Time: Summer
How Long It Flowers: All summer
Flower Color: Blue, white, purple
Soil Requirements: Fertile soil
Pruning:  Should be trained in arbors or trellises.
Flower Form: This is an annual vine with gorgeous, trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the morning and last all summer. The flower can be up to five inches across, and the leaves are heart-shaped. The seeds should be soaked overnight before they’re sowed singly in pots in the spring. The plants should be put in the garden after all danger of frost has passed, and may need shelter from cold winds as the plant is frost tender. The Morning Glory grows easily and can even be started in a glass of water placed on a sunny windowsill.

Morning Glory


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