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Moss Grab Bag

Moss Grab Bag

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Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Sun to Full Shade Mature Height - 2-28" Mature Width- 1-27" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Moss Grab Bag is an essential ingredient in soil potting.

It holds its weight in moisture and prevents soil nutrients from being washed away when plants are watered.
With an acidic ph level, peat moss is excellent in the cultivation of berries and camellias alike.
An impressive feature of the peat moss is its water retention ability. With a prolonged decay rate, they are excellent for cultivation in sandy soils.
Peat mosses are a natural form of art; they are considered both alive and dead. A punch line of nature, these unusual plants are accommodating of growth at their tops and will decay at the bottom if the adequate amount of light is not received. This ability can be explained by the absence of an indeed defined vascular wall. The very top and lower parts of the plant are in a way separated from each other.

The peat moss aids in bog formation, by trapping rainwater between stem and leaves.

Peat mosses general grow an average of between four to forty centimeters during the summer and loses just a millimeter in its acquired height during the winter. Its extraordinary growth potential is often attributed to its high water content, and its partial decomposition ability.
Peat moss is an excellent component when starting seedlings; it is sterile and absent of harmful antibodies and weeds. Its cell wall release hydrogen ions, from absorbed calcium and magnesium cations

A vital soil ingredient in gardening, one application is known to last for years, rehydrating quickly, and eliminating soil compaction.

With the summer season almost upon us, it would create a safe and healthy cultivating environment for years and years to come.
A few of its notable characteristics include;
Botanical name; Sphagnum
Height; 0.1 - 20 inches
Soil preference; dense soil, forming histosols
PH; Acidic

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