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Mountain Mint is appreciated for its fragrance and beauty.

Mountain Mint

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Latin Name- Pycnathemum Munticum Mature Height- 1-3 ft Width- 2 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Mountain Mint is appreciated for its fragrance and beauty

The pleasant smell is described as a spicy mint and oregano. The plant develops either pink or white pigments in its leaves, which frame the beautiful clusters of flowers. The mountain mint can usually be found in woodland areas, in which they receive at least a half-day of the sun to thrive and survive.

Mountain Mint is known for keeping gnats and pests away

These plants have even been known to attract butterflies, but keep away pests, like gnats. The mountain mint contains pugelone, which is what keeps the gnats away. This also deters deer and rabbits, so one does not have to worry about these animals eating the plant in their garden. Mountain Mints with noticeable hairs on their stems and thin leaves can also be used in teas since they contain very little pugelone.

Mountain Mint is the perfect plant to add to your garden

 Mountain Mint is also referred to as Hoary Mountain Mint. These are awesome when blooming since they are such large plants. It also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The blooms on this plant are white color or pale lavender and appear in midsummer. They are made up of very dense clusters of tiny tubular flowers that are very fragrant. Mountain Mint last through the first frost of winter. 

Mountain Mint



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