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Nanny Berry

Nanny Berry

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The Nanny Berry white petals of this very popular shrub also provide beauty to any estate garden.


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The light red buds of this plant brighten up any winter landscape scheme.

 This plant grows very well in wet solid, unusually long borders. The dark orange-brown wood makes a stark contrast that is pleasing to any eye.The Nanny Berry is native to the northeastern and midwestern regions of the United States as well as southern Canada. The presence of this foliage is considered very inviting, very simple, but very elegant. Usually, it is preferred because it is effortless to take care of and the dark green leaves provide just the right background for the flowering petals.This plan provides food for wildlife as well as a break from the wind. It is found in both rural and urban locations everywhere. It grows to as high as 14 feet tall and spreads to as much as 12 feet wide.Nanny Berry Plants are known for their edible fruit and lively foliage. They produce a brilliant shade of red during the fall season. These plants can be placed in groups to protect smaller plants from the wind. They can be molded and shaped into any height, and they will make an excellent barrier in any yard. They are great for setting up some privacy in your backyard and providing shade to other plants. Gardeners looking to add some color and life to their gardens will love having these plants around. They can grow in zones 3-8. They have a height of 12-15 ft. With a width of 10-15 ft. The growth rate is 3 ft. or more per year. The plant can be placed in direct sunlight or shaded areas. This will make a great addition to any garden because of the beautiful red, foliage during the autumn and the awe-gazing white flower blooms during the summer.

Nanny Berry




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