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Native Sedge for Sale

Native Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex vernacula Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height- 1-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Native Sedge - Carex vernacular is native to the western United States.

This plant thrives in colder climates with higher elevations. It is also found growing in meadows and slopes and is indifferent to wetlands. This plant is a hardy perennial grass-like herb that produces clumps of high, erect stems. These stems are about thirty to forty centimeters in height. The stems of the native sedge can sometimes form colonies that will end up clumping together by the rhizome network. The fruit of the sedge is contained within the flower on top of each stem. The carex vernacular is a common landscape design plant. They are commonly used for ground cover in lawns and gardens. This sedge is very versatile and widely found in virtually all climates of the United States. While it often grows in the western United States, it is located in most greenhouses and is easy to take care of in other climates such as woodlands, swamps and even marshes. There are over five thousand species of sedge worldwide, and they are naturally vital in stabilizing soils and prairies along wetland and streambank areas. The native sedge is easily found in the Pacific Northwest region, and it is sometimes used to stop erosion along roadsides. The native sedge boasts a pleasant grass green shade. It can vary from a lighter spring green shade to a deeper evergreen shade depending on the species of sedge you are seeking.

Gardeners who are adding sedge to their home garden will want to maintain it every year by trimming it back.

Because it can grow up to four feet in height, it may need to be landscaped down a bit if it begins to look out of place in particular gardens. The native sedge typically grows to be about two to four feet in height, and it is recommended that they are spaced out about two feet apart from each other to prevent over clumping.

Native sedge is a perennial plant that grows up to 16 inches tall at maturity. This plant is a perennial, and so it will grow back every year after having been planted. The plant prefers moist soil types and full sunlight. The plant also has gorgeous bloom for the summer months. The plant grows in the USDA zones 3-7

Native Sedge



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