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Oak Leaf Hydrangea produces seeds from September to mid-October.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

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Oak Leaf Hydrangea gets its name from its beautiful large green leaves that resemble oak tree leaves

Produces seeds from September to mid-October. If you'd like to start your garden from seeds, these can germinate within two weeks. The leaves are bright green and up to 12 inches long. They keep their green leaves in the spring and fall and turn red and orange as fall becomes winter. It should be planted where it can capture the morning sunlight and stay in the shade during the afternoon. At full maturity, its height can be 10 feet tall and can have an 8-foot spread. Will require some pruning if it is planted in a tight place. More mature shrubs will peel back their bark to reveal a dark brown layer. Oak Leaf Hydrangea blooming is in the late spring to early summer when it's hot and rainy. It likes the summer's heat best. The blooms appear as bright white panicles reaching 6 to 12 inches. They change from white to pink and purple.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea is a low maintenance plant

When watering, be sure to use soil that drains easily to prevent root rot which happens quickly with this plant. As for those pesky insects and bugs ruining an edible garden, you're in luck. This shrub is almost entirely resistant to pests, insects, and diseases. That's always a benefit coming from an ornamental plant. Can tolerate cold weather to zone 5 and can handle drought weather better than most others of the Hydrangeaceae family. It has been bred creating multiple strains such as Snowflake, Harmony, Snow Queen, Alice, Sikes Dwarf, Peewee. Be sure to take a look at them all and pick your favorites for your gardening hobbies.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea is native to the southeastern United States

Native to the southeastern USA. Found in Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and North Carolina. It is often found in gardens and parks. 

Oak Leaf Hydrangea Ships as Bare Root 


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