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Painted Trillium consists of three large leaves.

Painted Trillium

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Painted Trillium - Trillium undulatum Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Light Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12" to 18" Mature Width- 6" to 18" Bloom Season – Spring (April to June) Gardener Status- Experienced

Painted Trillium - Trillium Undulatum is a very slow growing perennial

Flower Form: The Painted Trillium - Trillium Undulatum is an endangered plant is most areas. The Painted Trillium is slow to reach blooming size. It could take up to 15 years in some cases. Also if the flower is picked, this perennial goes into shock and could easily be another seven years before it flowers again. The advantage to this plant, however, is that it can live up to 70 years.

Painted Trillium loves mostly shade

Common Name: Painted Trillium

Sun Exposure: partial sun to full shade

Hardiness Zones: USDA zones 4-7

Mature Height: 8” to 18” tall

Spread: 12” wide

Spacing: 2 feet

Growth Rate: Perennial, slow growing

Flowering Time: Early to late spring

How Long It Flowers: 3-4 weeks

Painted Trillium has white petals with a touch of pink or purple at the base

The painted trillium consists of three large leaves. The blue-green leaves are about 2 to 4 inches long. From the leaves is a thin arching stock where the single flower blooms. The three petals of the flower have a wavy edge. At the base of the flower, is an upside down v that is a pink to purple. In the fall a seed producing red berry appears. The leaves are edible, but the berry and root are not.

The Painted Trillium seeds are beautiful to ants, and they help to spread this wildflower. They take the seed back to their nest and eat the fleshy meat. When they are finished with the seed, they dispose of it in another part of their nest. It is in this space that the seed is protected and able to germinate and grow.

This perennial likes moist soil but not wet. Painted Trillium proliferates in rotted logs and trees in the forest. People use this plant for borders and ground cover for shady areas.

Painted Trillium


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