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Peat Moss

Peat Moss

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Peat Moss - Sphagnum flexuosum USDA Climate Zone: 3-8 Maturity Height: Approximately 30 cm Maturity Width: Varying Soil: May Grow in a Variety of Soils

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Peat Moss has many benefits 

Peat Moss is an organic, fibrous material harvested from bogs where moss and other organic materials have decomposed anaerobically. Because the moss breaks down without oxygen, the decomposition process occurs as a natural process over an extended period.

Peat moss is widely used by gardeners to improve growing conditions for beneficial and edible plants.

It is typically used as an amendment to soil or as a seed starter. Peat moss is also a popular option for hydroponic gardening because of its unique properties. This useful material is an ideal soil conditioner because it loosens compact soils, improving aeration. Additional benefits include increasing the water and nutrient maintaining capacity of the soil, serving as a source of trace minerals and providing acidity to the soil that is much needed by plants such as berries, basil, gourds, arugula and more.

Further benefits of peat moss include that the material is sterile, free of pathogens and free of harmful chemicals or non-organic materials.

Peat moss is also an ideal option for gardeners with limited growing space. It is excellent for hanging plants, raised beds or terrace gardening due to its lightweight and water retaining properties. Peat moss is widely available and inexpensive. You can find peat moss in most home improvement stores, gardening centers, and some large retail supercenters.

Additionally, peat moss has historically had non-gardening uses for hundreds of years. The material has been used for making diapers, dressing wounds, production of electricity and livestock bedding. The liquid expressed from peat moss has been used to treat skin conditions from scabies to acne due to its antiseptic properties and tendency to inhibit some bacterial growth. In more recent years, the byproduct created in the production of peat moss has been used as a packaging material.

Peat Moss


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