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Pin oak tree grows very fast; approximately 2 feet a year.

Pin Oak Tree

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Pin Oak Tree is extremely popular with homeowners and in urban areas because of its robust and dense wood, solid shade

The tree grows very fast; approximately 2 feet a year. The soil preference of this sturdy oak is acidic, moist, sandy, wet, well-drained soils and clay soils. It can deal with the occasional flooding but loves moderately wet surroundings.

In the fall Pin Oak Tree will transform into deep purples, reds, bronze and scarlet colorations. The Pin Oak transplants with very little stress. The leaves have five distinct lobes and are typically a dark deep green color. The trunk will be defined from ground to the top tip of the tree. The leaves and branches usually reach out into a pyramid shape. The younger trees will typically keep their leaves year-round until they get older and more stabilized.

Pin Oak Tree is an attractive addition to any landscape

The acorns on the Pin Oak Tree is eaten by wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, birds, and squirrels. If you have a lake and ducks on your property, they will enjoy the acorns as well. The acorns aren't tasty due to their extremely bitter flavor.

Pin Oak got its name from short and thin but sturdy branches that grew off of its main limbs. Another common name this tree goes by is Swamp Oak because of how well it deals with wet conditions. The wood from Pin Oak is often used for firewood and construction projects because of its dense and hard qualities.

Pin Oak Tree has the ability to withstand compressed dirt

The Quercus Palustris won the Award of Garden Merit in the United Kingdom from the Royal Horticultural Society. There is evidence that Native Americans used the bark of the tree to create a medicinal drink to treat intestinal pain. There are no modern records of its therapeutic uses.

 Pin Oak Tree



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