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Pine Trees are evergreen, so they are green all year long and they are practically maintenance free.

Pine Trees

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Latin Name- Pinus Ponderosa Hardy Planting Zone- 3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun


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They are evergreen, so they are green all year long, and they are practically maintenance free. Most of the different types of this tree, once established, will be drought resistant and can survive short dry seasons.

Pine Trees make great wildlife habitats

The roots are complex and extensive and can seek moisture from rich sources. These trees are mostly moderately growing trees and grow between 1 to 3 feet per year. These trees also provide an excellent place for small wildlife to live and forage.

Pine Trees are often used as Christmas trees and borders

They are very hardy trees and are used for borders, windbreaks and even Christmas Trees.


Pine Trees are Evergreens that Grow To Amazing Heights


If you want your property to look like a dense forest with trees that never lose leaves and rise high into the sky, pine trees are a perfect choice. Their evergreen ability makes them shine throughout the year, and the fact that they grow throughout their life makes them an enthralling sight.


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Landscaping your property means experimentation. There are all kinds of different things that you can try out with flowers, potted plants, and more. A big part of landscaping consists of shrubs. Shrubs offer a multitude of opportunities for various designs and cuts that you can craft into different shapes. However, shrubs are short in stature. If you want something bigger and taller, pine trees offer the perfect landscaping option.


Pine trees offer the perfect aesthetic for landscaping. They are taller than standard trees and add a lot of shape along with the height to the gardens around your property. The tallness of the trees is complemented by a substantial girth as well, making vision difficult around the trees as well as from the top. Because of this, evergreens such as pine trees are fantastic options for offering privacy within your yard. You can easily plant a line of these around your backyard and be assured that you will have the privacy you want. The best part about them is the fact that they grow quickly too.


Pine Trees Do Not Require Constant Trimming and Maintenance


Common shrubs and hedges offer good privacy as well. The privet hedge has a proper height that gives you the privacy you need. However, the problem with these standard shrubs and hedges is the fact that they require regular maintenance. They quickly grow in all directions and have to be trimmed back in order to keep their shape. It is a constant expense and a lot of work. However, you can negate that by landscaping with pine trees.


Trees do not require maintenance. After all, they almost always grow upwards. This is especially true for the evergreen pine trees. They are not going to get wider and will not have to be trimmed down. They are going to increase in height with time, increasing the privacy for you. Hence, with pine trees, there is no need for maintenance or trimming. You need to make sure the trees do not get infected with any disease, and you have a beautiful landscaping solution for your property.


Pine Trees Work as Great Living Fences


As mentioned above, pine trees grow upwards, providing increasing privacy with their height and their width. What you get from them is an excellent living fence for your property. Not only is the wall unbreakable, it is too tall and close together, it is also quite beautiful.


Pine trees offer you multiple benefits, from almost no maintenance to 100-200 years of life, making them an excellent solution for both landscaping and privacy.


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Pine Trees

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