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Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

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Pink Dogwood Tree is near perfect patios, utility lines, buildings, and cabanas.

The Pink Dogwood Tree or Cornus Florida 'Rubra' is a low branching, four season tree that is treasured for its vibrant foliage and aromatic flowers.

Because the color gets more profound and more productive as the tree matures, this tree changes from year to year. The oval-shaped leaves on this beautiful tree are typically 3 to 6 inches long and are a deep green. They are especially striking when they contrast on the silvery-gray bark. In spring to early summer the Pink Dogwood tree goes into full bloom with biscuit-shaped pink flowers that have delicate white accents. In fall the flowers produce bright red fruit that lingers on the tree in the winter months. This fruit attracts numerous birds such as the Cardinal, Robin, and Waxwing. This ornamental tree is deficient maintenance and is exceptionally hardy in drought conditions. 

Pink Dogwood Tree is also commonly used in naturalistic settings with evergreens and ornamental grasses.

A low branching tree which features bright berries. Pink Dogwood Trees grow all over the United States and are popular with homeowners because they are low maintenance, making them a favorite of homeowners on the go. The berries produced by the trees provide food for a variety of birds, especially in the winter. The birds eat the berries, then spread the seeds. These trees are very drought resistant once rooted in, and they are also disease resistant. The pink blooms are visible during the spring season, making the Pink Dogwood very popular because of their appearance, and the ease with which they grow.

Mature Height: 20-25 feet tall
Width: 20-25 feet wide
Shape: round shape
Growth: medium growth
Sunlight: thrives fine in both full sun or partial shade
Soil: thrives in various soils including acidic, loamy, moist, rich, well-drained, clay
Sunlight: Prefers partial shade, but can thrive in full sunlight
Botanical Name: Cornus florida Rubra

Pink Dogwood Ships as Bare Root 


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