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Pink phlox becomes good in any location available; the  phlox can cope with a broad range of soil conditions.

Pink Phlox

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Garden Phlox -Phlox paniculata Hardy Planting Zones - 3-8 Sun or Shade – Full Sun to Part Shade Mature Height - 24"-48" Mature Width - 24"-36" Bloom Season – Summer Gardener Status - Medium

Pink Phlox is a flowering plant is very beautiful and lush

The flowers that Pink Phlox creates are amazing and can improve the looks of any home or garden. The flowers of this plant can be anywhere from pink to light blue depending on where it is; this plant can be seen throughout all of North America. This plant loves shade and very moist soils for maximum soil growth. The roots are an excellent attractant for rabbits. Phlox creates a distinctive feature in any garden or landscape. The muted colors can entice the eyes away from brighter and more vibrant colors.

Pink Phlox ground cover is straightforward enough for even the most inexperienced gardener

The appearance of the light blue so close to the ground brings to mind a lush carpet. When planted against or in between rocks, the phlox reminds some of an artificial waterfall spilling down. The dull colors of stone markers can be counteracted by planting phlox around them. Planting in flower beds or planters is also an alternative. Even though it is a perennial, phlox leaves are needle-shaped, like evergreens; Petals grew in sets of 5 and shaped like stars. Blooms emerge in the spring. The stems become more reliable and wood-like as they age. As time advances, the stems begin to reach out and get longer. They should be removed to give way to new growth.

Pink Phlox is a very low maintenance plant

Phlox doesn’t have any threats from pests or unique necessities for care. Many growing conditions can be withstood. It becomes good in any location available; the phlox can cope with a broad range of soil conditions. Organic soil can be added if needed. Early spring fertilizing may play help in creating stronger, more attractive plants. Pruning will allow new growth in the next season. Dividing the root ball, every few years is beneficial to the health of the plant.



Pink Phlox






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