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Pink Spiraea Shrub

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Pink Spiraea Shrub Bush    

The Pink Spiraea Shrub Bush is a medium size, hardy shrub. It has lovely, delicate green foliage that highlights the blooms on this plant. The blooms are a pink color with hints of white mixed in sometimes. This shrub will bloom in late spring to early summer with small pink flowers. It also comes in other colors such as white. In the colder months, the foliage will turn to a golden color. It will require some tending since the flower cluster is known to be heavy at times and will weigh down the branches.

Pink Spirea is a community shrub that can get 3-5 feet tall in full sun, it can handle part sun but thrives in full sun. Just like the name says this shrub has beautiful little pink flowers that cascade throughout the bush and are just lovely when placed around a canopy gazebo in a garden. There are different variations of the pink spirea with some of them offering a splash of little white flowers mixed in although all variations have delicate foliage. It has been stated time and time again that in all actuality the pink spirea offers some of the most visually appealing flowers that any spirea shrubs have to offer. Blooming in late spring to early summer the pink spirea can bring life and beauty to your landscape long after the first spring bloomers have flourished.

Pink Spirea bushes are beautiful, and they make an attractive companion in the garden. The delicate pink flowers will add color to any garden, and the flowers attract butterflies and deer. This bush has small pink flower clusters that are long and tall that grow in the light green leafy plant.

Spirea plants should be planted in teams, and they can grow into hedges. The flowers will bloom in late spring or mid-summer. Pruning the bush after it will help to keep the shrub in shape, and it might even rebloom a second time. Because it is straightforward to grow, it is an excellent addition to any garden.

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