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Pink Weigela is a beautiful shrub for your flower garden.

Pink Weigela

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun

Pink Weigela is a beautiful shrub for your flower garden

Pink Weigela - Latin name Weigela pronunciation: wye-jee’ luh. Pink Weigela was first introduced to America from England in the mid-1800’s, where it was a favorite planting in English cottage gardens.

Although introduced from England, it is native to Northern China, Japan, and Korea. Pink Weigela is a large deciduous shrub that reaches a height of 6’-9’ and spread between 9’-12’ wide. When choosing a site for Pink Weigela, plan for its greatest spread for optimal results. It is drought tolerant, easily propagated by stem cuttings and is easy to root. Pink Weigela is best grown in full sun, moist, well-drained soil for bountiful blossoms and vibrant foliage. It will tolerate light shade, but flowering will not be as profuse. Pink Weigela is not a heavy feeder, once per year before spring growth is sufficient. It is not subject to disease or insect infestation. Pink Weigela flowers in spring, during May and June, with scattered blossoms throughout the mid to late summer. Weigela bloom on the previous year’s growth so pruning should be done immediately after summer flowering.

Pink Weigela is very adaptable and easily transplantable; it is perfect for the novice gardener

It is a fast growing, low maintenance shrub that can thrive with minimal care. It is beautiful as an ornamental specimen, in a mixed border, or as a hedge. Long, arching branches are dense with beautiful pink, showy blossoms that attract hummingbirds when in bloom. Two popular varieties are “Pink Delight” and “Pink Princess,” both smaller than the average Weigela, with long-lasting, non-fading flowers. These gorgeous shrubs will be shipped, to the consumer, bare root or in containers at the appropriate planting season based on climate zone. Take note that first-year perennials with not bloom the first season but will reward you abundantly in the next.

Pink Weigela blooms pink flowers on it that attract the hummingbirds and butterflies

This bush is beautiful to have planted in a pot on your patio or planted as an ornamental shrub in your garden. They will lose their leaves in the fall and have the “naked” look until spring. The Pink Weigelia can be planted during any season, the soil must be moist, and the plant must be watered continuously. It is hard to predict the weather so it is best to keep a close watch on the shrub for the first two seasons of its life because the weather can go through a dry patch in the summer months. The first two seasons of its life are crucial to keeping the plant alive.

It will thrive in full sunlight and will also do well in partial shade. This shrub loves fertile soil conditions. It will grow to be around 8 feet tall. It can even grow approximately 2 feet each year. This will give you beautiful pink blooms for you to enjoy. The Pink Weigela is a lovely plant and one that can't be beaten when it comes to color; its bold pink flowers will make heads turn!

Pink Weigela




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