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Poly ferns do best in moist.

Poly Ferns

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Poly Fern- Setiferum congestion Hardy Planting Zones- 6-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full shade Mature Height - 6-12" Mature Width- 6-12" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

Poly Ferns are great hanging basket plants for indoors or outdoors

The Poly Fern, otherwise known as Shield Fern, is a compact plant that is just as lovely in a pot as it is for landscaping. Poly ferns do best in moist. They don't like direct sunlight, so it is best to plant them in an area where the light is filtered. Poly ferns grow at different rates depending on conditions. Indoors or in less than ideal situations, they are a moderately growing plant. Under perfect conditions, poly ferns can grow quite quickly.

Poly Ferns are an ideal choice for indoor plants and edging gardens and paths

When kept as an indoor plant, this fern provides air filtration, helpful in the easing of allergies and asthma symptoms. Because it is evergreen, this plant will stay green all year when planted in southern regions with mild winters. The Poly Fern does not do well in colder environments that receive a lot of snow. The feathery leaves are soft to the touch and dark green, making this plant a striking addition to the shady portions of your garden. When you plant Poly Fern in an area that receives plenty of water but indirect sunlight, it will flourish and grow quite quickly. Make sure the soil stays moist, but do not overwater as this can cause plant roots to rot. In the home, this plant prefers a window with indirect sunlight and does very well in bathrooms where steamy conditions often exist.

Poly Ferns are mostly evergreen and very hardy plants

This is an incredibly dense fern plant. This plant loves shade and moisture. Although it is small, it is extremely hardy and is mostly evergreen. Although it needs careful attention until it becomes established once it is it does fine; These plants make great accents for your homes décor.

Poly Ferns



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