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Polytrichum Moss

Polytrichum Moss

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Haircap Moss-Polytrichum commune Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Sun to Full Shade Mature Height - 2-6" Mature Width- 1-27" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Polytrichum Moss, as a perennial plant, it will continue to thrive year after year for up to ten years in some cases.

Featuring a deep root system, it grows slowly. Polytrichum Moss fairs well in soils that are sandy or contain clay and those that are well drained. Polytrichum is most often found growing naturally in wet areas with large amounts of rainfall so it will become best in similar conditions, or in an indoor terrarium if so desired. The variety of moss is characterized as easy to grow and can be transplanted if necessary. Most often it is used as a beautiful ground covering or as a border by adding it to line areas like gardens, flowerbeds, sidewalks, walking paths, or driveways.

Polytrichum Moss has a star-shaped appearance due to a stiff stem with spirally arranged pointed leaves attached at right angles.

This variety of Hair Cap Moss is typically a lovely, dark green color. The leaves have hints of red and brown making it a beautiful moss. This moss can alter its appearance due to changes in water content. When dry the leaves will become curled tightly around the stem. The leaves will spread back out within a minute after being misted. Unique from other mosses in its taller height, moisture changing appearance, and stellar leaf pattern, Polytrichum Moss will lend a magical quality to your garden.

Polytrichum Moss



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