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Ponderosa Pine Tree

Ponderosa Pine Tree

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Latin Name- Pinus Hardy Planting Zone-3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Little or Plenty of Sunshine

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Ponderosa Pine Tree

Ponderosa Pine Tree (Pinus Ponderosa)

The Ponderosa pine tree (Latin Name Pinus ponderosa) is a species of pine native to numerous mountain ranges in the Western U.S. One of the tallest trees in the Southwest; it can grow to heights over 200 feet tall and have trunks that are more than 3 feet in diameter. It is one of the most populous tree species in the U.S. and has been an abundant source of lumber.

Ponderosa pine trees can live for more than 500 years, and so are vitally useful to scientists trying to learn what the environment was like centuries ago, as they can examine the pattern of rings in Ponderosa pine wood. Ponderosa pines are evergreen, meaning they keep their needles year-round, and grow at a medium rate. They are very resistant to wind and are fireproof when mature due to their thick bark.

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