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Prairie Clover

Prairie Clover

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Latin Name- Dalea Foliosa Hardy Zone- 5-7 Mature Height- 1-2ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Prairie Clover is a perennial plant that grows upright.

This plant is native and can be found growing naturally in the central northern states of the US. The clovers flowers are purple-lavender and look amazing almost anywhere. This plant blooms in May thru September.

Prairie clover is a perennial plant that is characterized by many stems that sprout from the lower part of the plant.

The stem is smooth in its texture, green and hard. It has a robust short tap root that is spread near the surface. It has got long, narrow leaves that are green and that are near one another. The leaves alternate each other in the stem. Flowers in prairie clover is purple and do appear on the end of the stem. The flower has got many floral spikes that are well arranged and have got a mix of color ranging from white, pink and pale orange that crown the top of the spikes. The flowers do bloom during the start of summer to mid-summer. When the flower begins to open, it starts from the base of the flower to the tip unit it fully opens. The seeds of prairie clover are produced in a seed pod, as each pod will contain about one to two seeds.

Prairie clover has benefits that it brings to man and the environment; this plant has been used as an agent to prevent soil erosion.

Because of its stout and strong roots that enable it to grasp the soil firmly that make the soil in that area to stop. Many wildlife depends on its leaves that they do eat during the early stages of growth. These leaves have got the high nutritional value that helps the wildlife. The seeds that it produces is eaten by birds who depend on it. Also, its beautiful flower is used as an agent of pollination that is good for many plants and animals in the ecology. For those who like to have a garden, this flower is an idle one for you because it can bring the naturalized test to your home if you plant it. Prairie clover is easy to plant as it grows in any condition.

Prairie Clover



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