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Wisteria Plant is a wild plant is seen growing almost everywhere.

Wisteria Plant

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Wisteria - Wisteria sinensis Hardy Planting Zones- 5-9 Sun or Shade – Full Sun Mature Height - 360+" Mature Width- 48" - 96" Bloom Season – Spring (April to June) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Wisteria Plant is a wild plant is seen growing almost everywhere

This highly adaptable plant is well known for its beautiful purple flowers. This plant is excellent for climbing houses, fences, and anywhere it can reach. These plants purple flowers are sure to amaze and are lightly scented. This plant can grow up to 30 ft in height. Do you have those hard to grow areas where you need something climbing on your wall, fence or maybe a yucky sight of your neighbors that you don't want to look at anymore? With the wisteria vine, you can have that unwanted view covered up in a short period. The Wisteria Plant is a fast grower and can take over an area in no time. The best thing to do is plant this vine near whatever you want it to climb with and then when you see the runs you can train it to grow up it or on it.

The Wisteria Plant is a beautiful plant that will climb as tall and as wide as you let it. This elegant vine traditionally bares purple flowers. However it can also bloom white petals. Wisteria prefers a dryer soil and plenty of suns. When taken proper care of this plant can grow ten or more feet per year.

A climbing vine related to the pea family, Wisteria is easily one of the most romantic ornamental plants out there. It blooms in May and June in long cascades of scented flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white that conjure up images of English cottages and languid Southern lanes.

Wisteria Plant is a twining climber ideally suited to train up sturdy trellises and arches 

It is long-lived and can grow very large, and as it matures, the woody stems become heavy and require solid support. It enjoys the sunshine and frequent watering and is fast growing. Twice-yearly pruning will control its size and shape, and encourage blooming.

Wisteria Plant is an easy plant to grow

It is most often grown covering building facades, pergolas, or even large trees that can support its weight. But it can also very easily be grown in containers for a beautiful addition to smaller gardens or indoor patios.

Botanical Name: Wisteria
Hardiness Zone: 4 through 9
Mature Height: Will grow as tall as the object it has to climb. 
Mature Width: No set width.
Growth Per Year: 10 feet per year.
Light Requirement: Grows best in full sun, will also grow in partial shade. 
Soil Requirement: Grows best in sandy or clay soils with very little water.

Wisteria Plant


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