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Queen Anns Lace or Carrot Weed

Queen Anns Lace or Carrot Weed

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Latin Name- Daucus Carota Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 24-36inch Width- 7.5-12.5 cm Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Queen Anns Lace or Carrot Weed plant lives up to its name since the great flowers do resemble lace.

Scientific Name: Daucus Caratoa
USDA Climate Zone: 3-9
Plant Height: 24”-36”
Plant Width: Space 9”-12”
Growth/Year: Biennial
Soil Type: Water regular, PH neutral to the slightly alkaline soil.
Sun: Sun to partial shade.


Queen Anns Lace or Carrot Weed grows throughout the U.S. Originally from Europe, it is considered a native wildflower herb. The plant makes an attractive addition to flower gardens. Flower color is white and blooms mid-summer through early fall. Seed can start queen Anne's Lace.

Queen Ann’s lace is a wild version of carrot; While young the plant's roots are edible. When the plant grows older, the root becomes hard and woody and inedible. This plants flowers look like lace and look very pretty. This is the perfect plant for a natural area.

The white flowers have a crisp appearance and often have a beautiful purple bloom in the center. When the clusters of flowers first bloom they are curled, and each cluster has a tremendous amount of delicate little flowers. As the flowers pollinate they open into a glorious and graceful cascade of blooms. The leaves are flat, broad, and feathery and provide a fantastic backdrop for the flowers. They will thrive when the environment is fairly dry and are strong and smooth to grown. They are magnificent when placed in a garden or as an accent around the base of the home. The Queen Anne's Lace Plant will make a great addition to any landscape or garden. 


 Queen Anns Lace or Carrot Weed


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