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Red Crepe Myrtle

Red Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Largerstroemie Dyamite Red Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 4-12 ft Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Perfers Full Sun

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The Red Crepe Myrtle is a beautiful tree or also known as a shrub to grow in just about any landscaped area.

This plant is not only beautiful but drought tolerant also. Makes this tree unusual for any business or office where there could be days it doesn't get watered. This beauty of a tree works wonderfully along sidewalks and driveways. The beautiful red blooms and extremely bright greens make this tree a great addition to most all yards as well. The Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle thrives the best in full sunlight, yet does as good in the partial sun. This plant can grow up to 25 feet and on an average gets to 8 feet in width.

Red Crepe Myrtle does not only have one the most vibrant red flower blooms, but this plant has this beauty for months at a time.

This lovely plant is resistant to most all pests and even diseases. But one the best perks of The Red Crepe Myrtle is how very little plant maintenance it will require, while also boosting your properties value. These trees take their time getting started, but once they start producing their massive blooms, you will fall in love with their beauty. These plants can grow up to a last 30 foot, yet require very little space. This plant has been called The Stop Sign Red; its beauty will stop people right in their tracks.

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Red Crape Myrtle also knew as The Red Crepe Myrtle is known for being on the most vibrant among the Crape and or Crepe Myrtle family.

This beautiful plant is drought tolerant making it the perfect plant for all first-time gardeners. This plant will bloom and let you enjoy the bright red flowers from early Spring until even late Summer. This Crape Myrtle is one the most beautiful of its kind, if you love the color red, the flowers this plant has will blow your mind. The blooms are bright, yet a deep red. This plant can grow up to 25 feet and yet does not require a ton of room to be happy and healthy. The Red Crape Myrtle is perfect for out front any home or business.

Garden Growing Specs: 
Gardening Zones: 7 - 9 
Plant Mature Height: 20 - 30 ft. 
Plant Mature Width: 10 - 20 ft.
Plant Spacing: 10 ft. 
Plants Growth Each Year: 4 - 5 ft. 
Required Sunlight: Full - Partial Sun 
Top Recommended Soil Conditions: Slightly Moist yet Well Drained 
Botanical: Lagerstroemia

Red Crepe Myrtle


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