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Red Dogwood

Red Dogwood

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Red Dogwood is a beautiful tree to and to any landscape 

The Red Dogwood tree has dark green leaves that turn bright red to purple in the fall.

It has small white flowers clusters in the spring. The Red Dogwood's red fruit attract songbirds. The branches and twigs of the Red Dogwood are dark red, which makes it attractive even in winter. Its root system provides good soil retention which makes it an excellent plant for erosion protection. The Red Dogwood grows best in zones 5 through 9. It grows up to 25 feet tall, and the width is about the same. The Red Dogwood likes full sun or partial shade. It grows best in moist, well-drained acidic soil. The scientific name for the Red Dogwood is Cornus Sericea.

Are you looking for a tree with beautiful red flowers to add to your yard?

Then look no further than a red dogwood tree. Native to North America, this particular species is very a favorite landscaping tree because of how it seems, especially in the spring. This easy to take care of tree blossoms each spring with either red or pink flowers that give the tree its name. The tree looks good in more than just the springtime. During the fall, the leaves turn a deep red color. This species of dogwood can reach heights of 25 feet. The height combined with the red and pink flowers make this a stunning addition to any part of the yard.

The Red Dogwood tree is a beautiful reddish-pink blossomed tree, capable of really making your yard or garden explode with color. Mainly a spring tree, it thrives year-round. The blossoms sprout in the springtime, closely followed by emerald green leaves. The dark green and reddish-pink contrast so magnificently! In fall, the leaves turn fiery shades of ruby red, burgundy, and bronze. A very hardy tree, it's at home in just about any place you'd want to put it. In landscaping, it can be placed on the patio, near the terrace, beside a picture window or by an outdoor seating area. Because of its manageable size, you need not worry about it being cramped in whatever setting you decide to place it in.

Red Dogwood


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