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Red hibiscus is a narrow, upright shrub.

Red Hibiscus

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Zone 4-9, Color- Deep Red, Mature Height 18', Mature Width 8', Garden Status- Beginner

Red Hibiscus is grown for its excellent, showy flowers.

The flowers of H. coccineus are brilliantly red. The flowers appear from midsummer til almost fall. The shrub can be used as part of a herbaceous border, or a hedge or to sprawl over a fence or a wall.

Red Hibiscus is a narrow, upright shrub

It has lobed leaves that are about six inches wide and vast, funnel-shaped leaves that can grow from five to six inches across. The plant prefers full sun and evenly moist soil that should be amended now and again with compost. Through it can stand some light shade, it will bloom more profusely if it’s in full sun. The plant can also tolerate some air pollution and can be planted close to parking lots. As a hedge, it should be planted about three feet apart.

Red Hibiscus grows about 2 feet per year

Zone: 5 to 9
Mature Height: Six to eight feet tall
Mature Width: Three feet
Growth/year: 2 feet per year
Sunlight: Full sun to light shade
Soil conditions: Well-drained, damp or moist
Botanical name: Hibiscus coccineus

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