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Red Maple Seedlings

Red Maple Seedlings

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Bring color to your landscape with the Red Maple Seedling

The Red Maple Seedlings can grow in hardiness zones 3-9, can tolerate various soil type, and has a height of forty to ninety feet with a width of forty feet.

If you are looking to get some color into your landscape, this tree is the right way to go. Correctly named, Red Maple Seedlings have something red year round. Red Maple Seedlings is excellent for both ground and aerial view.

During the spring, red flowers bloom while in the summer the twigs of the tree are bright to dark red. Red-buds for next year growth can be seen during the winter months. When the red maple seedling matures, the leaves of the tree are light green on top and a pale greenish white underneath. The height of the red maple tree's beauty comes during the autumn months when the leaves turn a beautiful, brilliant red with some yellow and orange.

The fruit of this tree, known as samaras, grows in clusters and ripens between late May and early June. If you are looking to bring wildlife to your landscape, samaras are known to attract squirrels and other rodents. The tree does produce tiny quantities of sugar. Unlike other maples, the seeds of the red maple ripen in late spring rather than in the fall.

This maple tree grows well in full sunlight and partial shade.

Despite its name, the bark of this tree is grey. In young trees, the bark is smooth and thin. As the tree reaches maturity, the bark becomes thicker and scaly. The ends of the plates lift and round out. The bark of this tree does not have any smell. This is great if you are thinking about planting fragrant flowers near the tree. Growing extremely fast, the deciduous maple grows in an oval, rounded shape. It can grow in soil that is moist, dry, and anywhere between. Keep in mind that this particular maple tree does not do well in the soggy ground. Remember the land must be wet. The maple tree is very drought tolerant. It can stop growing during low to no waterfall and resume growth once water becomes available.

The year-round beauty and fast growth make it a favorite among many landscapers. It does well in drought and brings wildlife which is a plus for many sightseers who may visit the landscape. This tree is one of the first to flower which is excellent if you do not want your view to look bare in the early springtime.

Red Maple Seedlings ships as Bare Root 


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