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Red Sunset Maple

Red Sunset Maple

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum HardyPlanting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 40-90 ft Width- 35-40 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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Red Sunset Maple is a hardy tree and can withstand all types of weather from snow and sleet to rainstorms and intense heat.

Red Sunset Maple is a type of Maple tree that is native to Eastern North American and is found anywhere from Quebec to Minnesota to Florida and Texas. The Red Sunset Maple begins to bloom in March with tiny red flowers appearing. These flowers stay around for about four weeks before the pale green leaves start to emerge. These leaves will turn a brilliant red color beginning in the early fall.

This Maple tree is drought resistant and is one of the faster-growing Maple trees as it grows anywhere from one to two feet every year.

It can be used as a shade tree for you and your family to keep cool in the summer months, or focal point in any project. This gorgeous tree is also suitable for beginners as it requires very little maintenance for it to grow and thrive. This tree likes acidic soil but can adapt to many soil types. The leaves of this tree start out a gorgeous pale green in early spring, gradually darkening to a medium green by mid-summer and by fall turning a brilliant, eye-catching red.

Red Sunset Maple is one of the leading choices for both landscapers or gardeners because it is a beautiful tree and adds a ton of curb appeal to any yard.

A Red Sunset Maple will attract some cute wildlife like squirrels and chipmunks to your yard, and it is also popular with many bird species. These gorgeous trees are shipped to the consumer in their bare root condition, so they arrive in beautiful, pristine condition.

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Red Sunset Maple


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