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Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree

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Latin Name- Cercis Canadensis Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 20- 30 ft Width- 20-25 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Redbud Tree will make a beautiful shade tree to be enjoyed by the whole family during the spring and summer months

Redbud Tree is a spectacular specimen: its foliage changes into several colors, its flora is a delicate pink shade, its bark resembles a rough, nut-filled chocolate bar, its odorous fragrance can be smelled from far away, and its overall beauty is nothing short of a miracle. The characteristic trait of this tree is its growth of pink, fragrant flowers and reddish leaves. When spring approaches, the Redbud turns into a pink work of art that exudes the spirit of springtime. During the fall, its reddish leaves turn into a full mustard shade, and its colors develop into the stereotypical color scheme associated with autumn.

The Redbud is a medium-sized deciduous tree that grows up to 30 feet in height when fully mature.

Additionally, even though this tree resembles a lavish, high maintenance plant, its upkeep is very simple. The Redbud should be planted in USDA zones 4 to 9, receive full or partial sun and be kept in moist yet well-drained soils to prosper and bloom into a beautiful, healthy adult.  It will also be appreciated during the fall with its brilliant colors that it will give you. It will grow well in full sunlight and light shade. This tree likes moist, well-drained soil conditions. It is also very adaptable to other soil conditions as well. It will grow to be around 20 to 30 feet high when fully developed. This is a great shade tree for any home.

Redbud Tree


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