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Regal Privet is the most common hedge used.

Regal Privet

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Regal Privet is the most common hedge used

Regal Privet is typically used as a formal hedge but can also be utilized as a screen or barrier shrub if left unpruned. It is the most common hedge used.

Regal Privet (Ligustrum obtusifolium regelianum), native to Japan, Regal Privet is semi-evergreen to deciduous

It is a large foliage shrub that can measure from 12 to 15 feet tall. In its youth, Regal Privet is upright oval to rounded growth. After maturing, it creates an arching vase growth. At this stage, it is often pruned into a formal hedge. The growth rate is medium in Regal Privet. 

Regal Privet survives best with full sun but can tolerate partial shade. The moist well-drained soil is preferred in humid southern environments. In Northern climates, Regal Privet is a deciduous hedge. Regal Privet is adaptable to the stressful situation such as urban areas where there is poor soil, various pHs, drought, high light intensity, heavy pruning, and pollution. It comes packaged in a container or ball and burlap. 

Regal Privet grows medium to dark green leaves that are semi-evergreen and slowly deciduous in the Northern variety

Regal Privet branches and grows foliage to the ground. It is often thick in density. The foliage is a beautiful texture.
It blooms white inflorescences flowers in late May to early June. This flower attracts many bees. Leaving the shrub un-pruned for two years and growing in full sun will result in the shrub being covered in blooms. A Regal Privet that is often pruned will produce fewer flowers.
In September, blue-black berries begin growing on the tree. These persist into the Spring season, if not eaten by birds.
To be used as a formal hedge, it requires frequent pruning. Regal Privet can be found in most of the United States.

Regal Privet Hedge


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