Riverbank Wild Rye


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    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Robert Patton on 30th Aug 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

  • 5
    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Brenda Powers on 29th Aug 2019

    Looks great with the other wildflowers

  • 5
    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Troas Williams on 29th Aug 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

  • 5
    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Eddie Henry on 28th Aug 2019

    This looks great growing with the other wild flowers.

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Riverbank Wild Rye is a member of the grass family and a cereal crop

Wild rice is called Zizania aquatica. Riverbank Wild Rye is known to grow along the banks of lakes, rivers, ponds, and marshes. It grows well in shallow soils where the soil is flooded about six inches to five feet.

It is a plant that grows three to six feet in height. The top looks like a plume with slender round seeds. A hull surrounds its grain or seed for protection. The hull is removed when the grain is processed. It has six stamens.

Riverbank Wild Rye does not do well in ponds that are landlocked or salty water

Seeds for riverbank wild rice can be purchased from reliable growers or nurseries. When purchasing seeds, try to find a local grower in the region. The seeds must be kept cold, and moist until planting them.

One method to preserve seeds is to store them in a burlap bag and submerge in a lake or river. Store the bag in a root cellar. Seeds that dry out will not grow. The seeds should be planted in the fall, before the water freezes, or in the spring after the ice breaks up.

The amount of seed spread depends on the method of planting. The broadcast spreading method uses 50 pounds an acre in water that is one foot to three feet in depth. Prepared seed beds use 25 lbs. Per Acre. Wild rice grows in late April and early May.

In develops a root and thin ribbon-like leaves that float on the water in early June. In July, the leaves are seen above the water. Another plant usually pollinates it. When the grain ripens in late summer, it falls into the water.

Riverbank Wild Rye requires shallow clear water to grow in. It thrives in organic soil, at least, six inches deep. Wild rice thrives with some movement of water near streams or rivers. Six inches or less of rain is best in the growing season. Water should have a PH of 6.8 to 8.8.

Riverbank Wild Rye is a perfect grass to plant around a pond or lake

It will help with soil erosion also. This grass grows excellent in very moist soil conditions. It will grow great around any water source. The Riverbank Wild Rye is precisely what it sounds like, a type of wild plant that mostly grows along the river beds and banks. One glance at this plant and one can envision just how graceful it is owing to the motion that it makes even in the lightest of winds. The Riverbank Wild Rye is incredibly easy to take care of and can grow in a variety of climates. The plant is low maintenance and adds an excellent breezy feel to your backyard or porch area. The plant puts its best face forward during the months of summer and spring and can stand tall even in the harshest of winds and climates. The plant is also useful for the others around it since they help regulate the moisture levels in the soil they are. The plant does not take a while to grow and is ideal for someone who wants something that does not have a high maintenance cost. The plant is also incredibly easy to grow and does not require anything special to boost its growth besides water and the sunshine. The plant is ideal for garden decor because it helps add variation and height, making your overall garden a lot more pleasing to the human eye.

 Riverbank Wild Rye