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Rye Grass will also grow in various soil conditions.

Rye Grass

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ELYMUS RIPARIUS USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 9 Height: up to 4.5ft Sun: Full sun

Rye Grass is low maintenance, a high-quality plant that prevents nutrient loss from the soil and can stabilize soil for erosion control

Rye Grass - Elymus Riparius. Rye Grass consists of both annual and perennial forms. Yearly Rye Grass lasts for one season, and perennial Rye Grass will last for consecutive seasons. Sown in seed form Rye Grass germinates quickly within 5-12 days depending on conditions. The process for planting Rye Grass varies with bare soil or overseeding applications; follow the directions on the seed packet. Rye Grass is utilized as a commercial cover crop or as a residential lawn filler. It is glossy green in appearance and can grow from 1 to 2 feet in height. It is prolific in its production rate of up to 1500 pounds per acre and is very inexpensive. Annual Rye Grass is most commonly used as a winter cover crop because it is best suited for colder temperatures protecting and enriching the soil for the season. Perennial Rye Grass is a high traffic tolerant favorite for cool season lawns. It forms an attractive dense sod and pairs well with Kentucky bluegrass.

Rye Grass is used in pastures, golf courses, athletic fields and gardens due to its disease and insect resistance

Rye Grass is predominately used as one part of a seed composition mixed with other compatible seed to complement its best features. During the colder seasons, Rye Grass can be cut as low as 1.5” but should be raised to 3” in summer. Optimal growing conditions are temperatures below 70 degrees with moist soil and not given to extremes. Inorganic practice, Rye Grass is utilized as an effective deterrent to nematodes as an alternative to heavy chemical control methods when incorporated into infested vegetation.

Rye Grass is a natural "allelopathic" plant that can inhibit weeds by secreting biochemicals into the surrounding soil

Therefore, Rye Grass can affect the germination, growth, reproduction, and survival of plant organisms nearby. This grass will grow great in natural areas. This grass will also grow in various soil conditions. It will add a very natural look to any space. This is a great perennial grass and will come back year after year.

Rye grass


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