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Sawdust Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

Sawdust Mulch – 3 Gallon Bags

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Sawdust Mulch 3-gallon bags

Sawdust mulch is a great way to spruce up around large shrubs and trees.

It is outstanding in texture and works great to keep the much-needed moisture around plants. It also is great to fill in and create beautiful walkways for extended areas. This mulch can be purchased from this fantastic online nursery and is shipped to the customer in three-gallon bags which makes it very easy to distribute around plants and into garden areas. It is made up of wood shavings and wood pieces and is great because it decomposes quickly and can be replaced the following year with ease. This is a very natural looking mulch and helps a lot with such plants as rhododendrons and blueberry bushes to help them grow and become very healthy. This is an excellent organic mulch and works great when added to vegetable gardens and flowering gardens.

Sawdust Mulch



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