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Sensitive fern is a beautiful plant, in optimal growing conditions, the plant can reach up to four feet tall.

Sensitive Fern

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Sensitive Fern-Onoclea Sensibilis Hardy Planting Zones-4-9 Sun or Shade-Part Sun/Full Shade Mature Height-36" Mature Width-48" Bloom Season-Summer (May to August) Gardener Status-Beginner

Sensitive Fern is known as sensitive Fern because of its frailty

AT the slightest of touches this fern can break its stems. If it is placed in the right conditions and cared for it can reach almost 4 ft in height. These plants creeping rhizomes give this fern a tropical-like look, and its light green color adds to its accenting capabilities. It can be found naturally in swamps and wetlands. However, it can thrive in areas with slightly less moisture in the soil.

Sensitive Fern, or Onoclea sensibilis, is a deciduous perennial fern with a coarse texture. Early American settlers gave it its name due to drying very easily from frost and grows medium to large. The leaves are bright green, and the plant grows in zones 4 to 9 in most areas, such as wet swamps and meadows, bogs, and riverbanks. It is also found in wood habitats. The fern is native to East Asia and grows in western Europe, as well as the U.S., including Texas, Florida, and the Rocky Mountains. It is used as an ornamental plant and proliferates, partly because the tissues contain numerous toxic chemicals. The sensitive fern typically grows 18-24 inches, and the stalks have a beaded appearance, hence the nickname, beaded fern.

Sensitive Fern is a beautiful plant

In optimal growing conditions, the plant can reach up to four feet tall. It has long-stalked, bright green fronds, which usually grow anywhere from two to four feet long. The leaves are triangular and have deep serrations on their edges. 

The sensitive fern is also known as the beaded fern because of the interior, woody fronds. These fronds develop berry-like segments that resemble beads. These beads turn brown when fall draws near.

Sensitive Fern is toxic to grazing animals

One of the advantages of planting the sensitive fern is that grazing animals will avoid it because it is toxic to them. Planting this around your vegetable patch will keep most of your veggies safe from visiting deer.
If you are interested in planting the sensitive fern for its beauty, I suggest planting near your koi pond, in a shady area accented by a variety of colorful flowers, or surround a fountain with it. You can position lights to accentuate both the ferns and your fountain.
The sensitive fern is just that, delicate, but given the proper care and attention, this plant is a beautiful addition to any garden space.

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