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Sharp-lobed Hepatica

Sharp-lobed Hepatica

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The Sharp-lobed Hepatica is one of the most beautiful wildflowers you could find early spring playing peek-a-boo, though the name will fool you.

The Hepatica flower is the perfect example of judging a book by its cover, or its title I guess you could say because the subtle colors and refreshing scent will make you a fan. One significant fact about the Hepatica plant is that it is an excellent indicator of spring. It is evergreen, but springtime is when the plant allows you to see its real beauty because the flower opens up to expose its gorgeous color, and it is usually one of the first wildflowers to show its face at the beginning of spring.

Sharp-lobed Hepatica perennials are gorgeous plants.

Their flowers are so white and cute looking they look almost fake. This plant also blooms very early in spring and can give you a blast of color just before everything else thrives. This plant also has flowers that can be pink or blue in coloration. This plant is an excellent addition to any flowerbed or natural area.

Sharp-lobed Hepatica is also easy to grow.

 Height At Maturity - 4-8 Inches

Soil Requirements - Well-drained. Tolerates acidic, damp.

 The hepatica plant is a member of the buttercup family. It is often found in partially to fully shaded areas. The wildflower grows well in gardens and requires little maintenance as it re-seeds itself. Early each spring the plant blooms in shades of blue, white, purple, and pink. It is often referred to as "liverwort" due to its uniquely shaped leaves that become a deep scarlet as they age resembling a human liver.

 Sharp-lobed Hepatica Ships as Bare Root 


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