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Sheet Moss Like many hardy, common mosses, sheet moss can be found growing everywhere from sidewalk cracks to tree trunks.

Sheet Moss

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Sheet Moss- Hypnum Hardy Zones- 3-11 Sun or Shade- Shade/Part Shade Mature Height- 6"-24" Mature Width- 4"-36" Bloom Season- Year round Gardener Status- Intermediate

Sheet Moss like many hardy, common mosses, sheet moss can be found growing everywhere from sidewalk cracks to tree trunks

Even in these modest settings, the iridescent green sheen of this remarkable plant strongly hints at its landscaping potential.

Sheet Moss is a favorite highlight to other plants

While the landscaping uses for sheet moss are only limited by the grower’s imagination, one favorite use is as a canvas to highlight flowering plants, especially low-growing species, scattered against such a dense groundcover. Another preferred practice is to let sheet moss stand alone in a moss garden by making the most of its ability to scale vertical objects and create a bright three-dimensional display that topiary shrubs are hard-pressed to match.

Sheet Moss has layers of triangular leaves that the human eye cannot see without magnification

This moss reveals their primitive heritage through the lack of an internal vascular system while also reproducing via spores. Under a magnifying glass, sheet moss plants consist of layered rows of triangular leaves that proliferate in a vine-like manner. These tangled vines form mounds from one-half inch to four inches in height. Below, a collection of thread-like roots called rhizoids serve no other purpose than to secure the plant.

Growing Sheet Moss

Sheet moss is easily grown in shady or semi-shady locations and likes dampness since it can’t store water. It’s adaptable to various soil conditions but prefers an acidic surface. The absence of capillaries allows mosses to handle significant downward compression without damage. However, their tiny anchor roots also make them vulnerable to horizontal forces so be careful when walking on them.

There’s Always Room for Sheet Moss

Given that sheet moss is such tiny flora, there’s bound to be a spot in the yard for it. In exchange for providing a home, sheet moss rewards the grower by radiating a brilliant green that remains throughout winter and summer.

 Sheet Moss



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