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Silky Dogwood Stakes or the Cornus Amomum, as it is sometimes referred to as, is part of the Dogwood family.

Silky Dogwood Stakes

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Latin Name- Cornus Amomum Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 6-10ft Width 6-10ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


Silky Dogwood Stakes or the Cornus Amomum, as it is sometimes referred to as, are part of the Dogwood family

It's native to Eastern American. It can be found from Quebec to Ontario, all the way to the South. It can be found in places like Georgia and Arkansas. It can also be located in part of North America. Its shrubbery grows about 5 meters tall, and the leaves are opposite. The leaves themselves are 10 cm long and 7cm wide. They are oval. The fruit is of a small blue drupe; the flowers are made of cymes.

Silky Dogwood Stakes are a popular shrub for the bright colors

The Silky Dogwood Stakes are a shrub that is popular amongst people who enjoy the bright Summer flowers and leaves of the plant, and who wish to attract various types of bird to their yard. The shrub gets its name from the small silky hairs that grow on the underside of the twigs and leaves of the plant throughout the year. The display of the Silky Dogwood begins in the Spring when the new twigs of the shrub grow with a purplish tint to them.

Silky Dogwood Stakes have bright blooms throughout the summer and early fall

As the Spring progresses, new buds blossom into bright yellow and white flowers in the early Summer that remain bright through to late Summer and early Fall.

As the Summer turns to Fall the yellowish-white flowers fall and leave a small blue fruit that adds interest to the shrub throughout the season. Birds are usually attracted to the little blue fruits and are one of the many flying insects and animals attracted to the shrub. The seedlings of Silky Dogwood Stakes are 10-20 inches but when fully grown can reach 6 to 10 feet. This tree can be found growing from Canada down to Georgia which makes it loved by many because it is easily adaptable. This tree thrives the best when it has course soil which is also moist. This plant has leaves that are as smooth as silk and produces small white flowers which look like stars.

 Silky Dogwood Stakes

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