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Silky willow can grow up to 6 1/2 ft - 13 ft 4 tall and its bark is long, thing and purplish.

Silky Willow

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Silky Willow is a quick growing tree that lives along the riverbanks and lake shores

Silky Willow - Salix sericea. This shrub is known for its quick growth potential. Its beauty lies in the unusual sprouts it produces and unique hairy green leaves. It loves growing and living along the banks of rivers and lake shores; above all, it enjoys the swam and roadside ditches. This tree can be found mostly in the New England states and Canada. It has a full canopy and thick vegetation making it look more bush-like. The leaves also give the appearance of a shrub with a long-narrow structure covered in white residue and silk-like threads. However, the trunk is usually narrow and smooth growing straight like a tree.

Silky Willow has thin light-brown branches and green stems, both flexible and fragile

The tree can grow up to 6 1/2 ft - 13 ft 4 tall and its bark is long, thing and purplish. Silky Willow is known for its dark leaves with a light hairy top and white silky hairs on the bottom sections of the leaves. It typically likes to bloom in May and bear fruits in June. Rarely will this unusual beauty be found in a field due to its tendency towards marshy banks and shores. It is considered an extremely woody shrub with several branches sprouting from its base.

Silky Willow leaves look like they have teeth

In the Winter the leaves wither but do not leave the tree. When it does produce its fruit, it is typically dry and tends to split open when it ripens. The twig colors in the Winter can range from brown, red, purple, and even yellow during its dormant state. It is called Silky Willow because of the characteristics of the shrubs hairy white silky leaves. Don't cut the Silky Willow short. The Silky Willow's life cycle is around two decades. Also, because it is a low-maintenance tree; makes it a favorite for adding an addition to a landscape. Be careful, remember this tree does like swamp-like areas to grow in, so WATER is a big necessity for our friend the Silky Willow.

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