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Sourwood Tree Seedling gets its name from its sour-tasting leaves.

Sourwood Tree Seedling

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Latin Name- Oxydendron Arboreum Hardy Planting Zone-5-9 Mature Height- 25-30 ft Width-20' ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

Sourwood Tree Seedling is a lovely, versatile tree that looks great in any yard

The Sourwood Tree Seedling gets its name from its sour-tasting leaves. It makes its home primarily in the woodlands and along the water in the eastern part of North America. This tree is in an array of colors for three seasons out of the year. Its fragrant flowers are white in the summers which are followed by yellow seeds. The seeds turn to brown and hang on throughout the winter. The leaves can be red, yellow, or purple in the fall. This showy tree needs a prominent place in the landscape scheme.

Sourwood Tree Seedling can grow to be around 30 feet high. The will do great in full sunlight. These trees are very adaptable to various soil conditions. This tree will grow approximately 2 to 3 feet each year. This tree will look great when planted in a flower garden or natural area.

Sourwood Tree Seedling will also attract a variety of small wildlife

Unlike most trees, it boasts its clusters of creamy white flowers in the heat of summer. These dainty, fragrant flowers resemble those of the Lily-of-the-Valley plant. Come fall, the tree's shiny dark green leaves transform to vibrant red, rusty orange, golden yellow, and royal purple, to end the growing season with pizazz. Gray seed capsules will contrast with the bright leaves and provide food for wildlife. This ornamental tree is native to America, and its leaves can be ingested to assuage thirst. The scaly bark offers exciting texture and has a pretty reddish tinge to its gray base.

Sourwood Tree Seedling is beneficial and beautiful tree will make a delightful addition to any landscape

The Sourwood tree, also known as the Sorrel tree; is a medium-sized tree that grows from 33-66ft tall. It grows as a pyramid or narrow oval shape at a slow rate. Most of these trees can live for 100-200yrs. The pointed, oval-shaped leaves are dark green in the summer and turn red, purple or yellow in the fall. It is usually one of the first trees to change colors in the fall. The leaves have a sour taste. Fragrant white flowers bloom from June to early July. The blooms resemble lily-of-the-valley flowers; slender, drooping one-sided flowers with seed pods that last into fall. Small wooden fruit capsules hang from the tree in winter. The branches droop toward the ground. The flowers from these trees are attractive to honey producing bees. The tree's bark is grayish-brown red toned, rough and furrowed.

The Sourwood grows in slightly acidic, loamy-moist, sandy, and clay soils. It requires regular watering but can survive moderate drought. It can adapt to sun or shade. This tree grows in hardiness zones 5-9. It can be found from Pennsylvania to Flordia. These trees are native to Eastern North America.

Sourwood Tree Seedling

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