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Southern Yellow Pine Tree is frequently referred to as the loblolly pine.

Southern Yellow Pine Tree

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Latin Name- Pinus rigida Hardy Planting Zone-7-9 Mature Height-80-100 Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Full shade


Southern Yellow Pine Tree is frequently referred to as the Loblolly Pine

There are four varieties, the longleaf, shortleaf, loblolly and slash pine. Native to the southeastern United States, the southern yellow pine is found in abundance across the south from Texas to Florida. The US Forest Service lists the yellow pine as the second most abundant tree species in the US after the red maple. Since it thrives in damp conditions, the yellow pine species frequently grows in lowland regions and swampy areas. While its prevalence diminishes up the eastern seashore of the Atlantic, it can be found sparingly along the New Jersey and Delaware coastline. Across the southern coast of the US, the southern yellow pine flourishes in these perfect conditions. While it is most common in wetter areas, the southern yellow pine also adapts well to both the red clay and sandy soils of the south.

Southern Yellow Pine Tree produces needles in bundles of three, with full clusters that can last as long as two years

This categorizes the tree as an evergreen, holding a deep green color year round. While the southern yellow pine does lose a few needles throughout the year, the most common period of needle drop is in the spring and fall. Their cones mature as a hard green seed cone, turning a pale brown as they develop. Peeling the cones apart, piece-by-piece is a favorite for squirrels. With a vigorous growth rate, they are popular with landowners as fast-growing property borders, or as a block from the elements of weather when planted in groves.

Southern Yellow Pine Tree is a sturdy tree

Since they live in a region that can periodically experience intense storms and high winds, the southern yellow pine is a sturdy giant that can withstand harsh conditions. Southern yellow pines are shipped bare root, usually 18 to 24" tall. They are very hardy, with an excellent survival rate, even when transplanted up to 5 feet tall. Southern Yellow Pine Trees are a majestic tree will provide a colorful evergreen addition to any landscape.

Southern Yellow Pine Tree

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