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Spruce Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus glabra Hardy Planting Zone- 8-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 30-40 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Full Shade.


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Spruce Pine Seedlings, Pinus Glabra

Spruce Pine Trees
The Spruce Pine tree(Pinus Glabra) is often found on the coastal plains of the southern coast of the United States, predominately in the states of Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama. Known by many different names including The Walter Pine, The Bottom White Pine, and the Cedar Pine, it is part of the Pine (Pinaceae) family, and usually reaches a height of 90-100ft.(20-35m) tall, but in some cases has been known to grow well over 100 feet tall. The Spruce Pine typically does not reach its full growth for 50-65 years but begins producing small cones at about ten years old. These cones usually begin to show at the beginning of the year no later than March and produce seeds by November.

The trees most common use over the years has been as a Christmas tree, as tree hunters often pick the Spruce Pine for its beautiful dark green needles that are a perfect compliment to any Christmas decoration!

Whether for shade or privacy the Spruce Pine is a perfect tree!

Pine trees stay green year-round!

Growth Per Year: 1-2 Feet

Sunlight: Seedlings prefer shade or partial sun

Soil Conditions: Prefers Sandy loam rich in organic matter content

Botanical Name: Pinus Glabra


The spruce pine is also a tree that many kinds of wildlife are attracted to. This tree is also a beautiful flower bed or as a privacy hedge. They are also occasionally grown as Christmas trees. You will love your Spruce Pine because it is an excellent addition to any lawn. This tree very is easy to grow and will make a great addition to any yard. You will love the shade it provides during the summer months, and then during the fall, you will enjoy the pretty fall foliage colors.

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