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Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple Tree

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Latin Name- Acer Saccharum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 82-115 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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Sugar Maple trees are considered as fast-growing trees.

On top of that, it can be an excellent shade tree if it is allowed to mature sufficiently. Sugar Maple trees usually grow to a height of twenty-five to thirty-five meters. Some of the fast-growing ones can reach heights up to forty-five meters. A ten-year-old Sugar Maple shade tree is usually five meters tall. The leaf of a Sugar Maple is known for its distinct shape of having five palmate lobes. Its leaves are classified as deciduous. The leaf coloring of the Sugar Maple tree is spectacular during the fall season. The colors may range from a bright yellow, orange, and red-orange. The leaves tend to change color unevenly during the fall which only amplifies its natural beauty. If you get lucky, you can find all the leaf colors in a single tree. There are instances that certain parts of the Maple tree change color weeks behind or ahead than the rest of the tree.

Sugar Maple is an excellent addition to your home. It can provide shade and easy to maintain. 

Maple tree flowers in corymbs of five to ten together. The flower is usually yellow-green and does not have any petals. Flowering usually happens during spring and on a specific temperature range. The fruits of the Sugar Maple are classified as double samara, and it has two winged seeds. These seeds typically fall off from the tree during autumn and are only viable for a few days. Areas that are not well drained or flood-prone are not suitable for Sugar Maple. The tree also has a low tolerance for salt. Make sure that your Sugar Maple does not come into contact with substances that have Boron since it is susceptible to the said element. It grows fast and dazzles you with beautiful colors during the fall. With so many benefits, you can hardly go wrong if you choose a Sugar Maple for your home.

Sugar Maple Tree

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