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Swamp chestnut

Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedlings

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Latin Name- Quercus Montana Hardy Planting Zone-7-10 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width- 60-70 Sun or Shade- Full Sun


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The Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedlings need a specific habitat that grows to be over 100 feet tall as it reaches maturity.

The trunk can reach over six feet in diameter when it reaches maturity width of the tree. The trunk’s bark is a thick, loose but scaly with the coloration being light gray. The tree matures during the fall when the leaves come ablaze with color and seed germination will take place following the seed fall like other deciduous trees. The trees leaves are almost oval, four to nine inches in length from the sharp-pointed tip to the more rounded at the base. The leaves have many rounded edges giving it a dark green coloration, and underneath it's slightly hairy to the touch.

The swamp chestnut oak produces an acorn fruit in clusters of two/three but is known only to provide a single acorn.

The tree is also known as the cow oak. Most people can tell this tree between other types of oak trees because the acorns are sweeter. This tree is readily adaptable to many different kinds of soils. While the Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree grows to be very tall, it makes a beautiful addition to any yard, even a small one. It adds a significant amount of shade for children to play under.

Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedlings


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