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Sweet Flag can be seen around the borders of small lakes or ponds.

Sweet Flag

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Sweet Flag is a perennial plant that has similarities to the Iris plant.

The thing that makes it stand out from the Iris is its pleated perimeter around the leaves. The leaves have a color of a green and yellow mix. The leaves stand straight up and have the shape of a small flat sword. The plant has a height of about 2 to 6 feet tall. The blooming season for this plant runs from June through July. This plant grows well in moist soil and even thrive in standing water that is only a few inches deep. You will be able to see the plant tips stand up out of the water. The plant does well in full sun exposure and can also survive in partial sun as well.

When this plant is broken up or crushed it gives off a lovely smell, hence the name Sweet Flag.

This plant can be seen around the borders of small lakes or ponds. It is most widely seen around marshy, swampy areas. This plant is native-born to India, but it also grows in Japan and China. In these regions, this plant is used for many things medicinal, ceremonial, and traditional. Sweet Flag is used for medicinal purposes and fragrance with its sweet smell. Some used it to flavor their tobacco in past time.

This plant has been made into an essential oil because of its pleasant fragrance and even baked into a bread called black bread.

The Sweet Flag that grows in North America has the same genus but has different properties than the Sweet Flag grown in India. The properties of the plant in India has medicinal purposes, but the North American version does not. However, they both have the sweet-smelling properties. There is a part of the plant called the rhizome, and this can be used to flavor food. This part of the plant can be used to take the place of cinnamon or nutmeg. Sweet Flag can be used to flavor tea or milk as well.

Sweet Flag ships as Bare Root 


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