Sweet Goldenrod

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  • 5
    Sweet Goldenrod

    Posted by Vanessa Roberts on Aug 30, 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to our yard.

  • 5
    Sweet Goldenrod

    Posted by Carrie Miler on Aug 29, 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

  • 5
    Sweet Goldenrod

    Posted by Shawn Fults on Aug 28, 2019

    This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

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We sell only bare root plants. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. This provides superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days.

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Sweet Goldenrod is a Wonderfully Fragrant Plant

The Sweet Goldenrod is a wonderfully fragrant plant with medium to large pyramidal clusters of golden yellow flowers each summertime. It is a perennial so that you can enjoy its fragrance and teas year after year. It is the primary ingredient for Blue Mountain Tea, a medicinal drink, as well as a mild spice for cooking. The dried seed heads can be used to spice up a meal or mixed into scented potpourri when decorating your home. The bruised or dried leaves are said to smell like licorice or anise. Plus it is a lovely scented plant.

Sweet Goldenrod can Handle USDA Cold Hardiness Zones from 4-9

Sweet goldenrod is often planted in clusters within the garden or public landscaping projects along roadways because of its large size, hardiness, and ability to tolerate a range of soils. Regardless of the pH in the soil, the sweet goldenrod can usually adapt.

It is suited to Acidic, Mildly Acidic, Neutral, Mildly Alkaline soils and can do well even in poor soil conditions. As is fitting for its bright, sunny color, it does well in full or partial sunlight. The bright colors make it a favorite staple in many gardens, which is essential because it is a crucial food source for pollinators and bees. Its native habitat stretches across the eastern and southern Midwest from New Hampshire all the way to Texas. Landscapers often keep to the natural clumping process that sweet goldenrod has in the wild, as the bold splash of golden yellow draws the eye and makes a delightfully bright corner of the garden each summer. A single plant grows to 30-48 inches tall, and 12-18 inches wide.

Sweet Goldenrod has moderate resistance to both deer and salt

It is also the state herb of Delaware. Sweet Goldenrod grows very well in natural areas. Can tolerate in dry conditions with little rain. Can tolerate drought. It can bloom from summer to early fall. The flowers are yellow and grow in clusters. Grow in woods, fields, and dense areas. Need little to no maintenance.

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