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Sweet Gum tree is a member of the plant family Altinglacea.

Sweet Gum Tree

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Latin Name- Liquidambar Styraciflua Hardy Planting Zone- 7-9 Mature Height- 50-100 ft Width-up to 60 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

Sweet Gum Tree can live up to 400 years

Sweet Gum tree has several names that include Hazel pine, redgum, and satin walnut. The Sweet Gum tree is a member of the plant family Altinglacea. The Sweet Gum tree loves the warm temperature areas especially in eastern North America, Mexico, and Central America. The five-point star-shaped leaves can recognize the Sweet Gum tree. The bark of the sweet gum tree is light brown with red and sometimes can be gray.

Sweet Gum Tree needs alot of moisture and can thrive in the winter

The Sweet Gum can grow in almost every soil that includes sand or clay. The ground must be from acid to slightly alkaline. The Sweet Gum needs moist, deep soil and they can live through the winters. Water the tree regularly until they are deep-rooted and growing. When the trees reach maturity, they can deal with less water. The plant can start off in a container with the soil of your choice. Wet the ground and let it dry for 20 minutes. Next place the seeds in and place a thick layer of sand or pine straw mulch over the seeds. Place the container outside under some shelter with light shade. Over the next month’s watch for the temperature which should be 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The soil must be 60 degrees Fahrenheit; Once this is done, carefully watch the tree grow.

Sweet Gum tree, native to the southeastern United States, is a moderate to rapidly growing tree known for its unique star-shaped leaves, attractive fruit, and unique corky twig growths called wings

The star-shaped leaves of the sweetgum have 5 or 7 lobes with a medium green color and vibrant fall colors of orange, red, yellow, and purple. In the spring the sweetgum tree produces delicate pale green flowers that develop into different long-stemmed and burr-like fruit about 1-1/2 inch in diameter. While many homeowners appreciate these "gumball" fruits, there are many cultivars of sweetgum that are pod-free. Sweet Gum trees are prized specimens in yards, parks, and campuses across the country and prized for their beautiful fall foliage and shade.

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Sweet Gum Tree


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