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Sweet William Dianthus is native and can be found growing in the wild near the eastern seaboard and up into Canada.

Sweet William Dianthus

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- Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus Hardy Planting Zones - 3-9 Sun or Shade - Full or Partial Sun Mature Height - 12 - 24 " Mature Width - 3 - 5 " Bloom Season - Late Spring to Early Summer Gardener Status - Beginner

Sweet William Dianthus plant looks excellent near any home

Botanical Latin Name: Dianthus barbatus

Common Name: Sweet William Dianthus

Sun Exposure: Full sun
Mature Height: 12-18 inches, dwarfs species 6-8 inches
Spread: .5 to 1 feet
Spacing: 4-6 inches apart
Growth Rate: Moderate
Flowering Time: Early spring through mid-summer
How Long It Flowers: Short-lived but will last longer if dead flowers are picked off regularly
Flower Color: Shades of pink, red, purple, white and bi-colors
Soil Requirements: Well-drained, alkaline soil
Pruning: Very little needed
Flower Form: This annual and biennial plant is a relative of the carnation. It consists of several individual small flowers that grow in clumps from long stems.

Sweet William Dianthus can have one or two colors in each flower

The clumps can contain over thirty flowers and be up to five inches across. Each flower has five petals with serrated edges. They can be a single color such as pink or purple, or have two colors such as a pink center and white edges. The grass green leaves underneath are long, flat and narrow in appearance.

Sweet William Dianthus plants work best in ornamental gardens and as filler

Sweet William Dianthus is a very well known plant. This plant is native and can be found growing in the wild near the eastern seaboard and up into Canada. This plant is related to the phlox, so it resembles some of its features. The plant seems especially good near open areas or ponds.

Sweet William Dianthus


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