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Sword Ferns get their name from their sword like leaves which are triangular and pointed.

Sword Ferns

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Sword Fern - Polystichum Munitum Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade – Part and Full Shade Mature Height - 36-72" Mature Width- 36-72" Bloom Season – Not a flowering plant Gardener Status- Beginner

Sword Ferns are easily one of the most popular indoor plants on the market

With bright green leaves that grow in a tight clump spreading from the base, and a pleasing symmetrical shape, this evergreen fills all sorts of spots quite nicely, and its leaves are favorite additions to flower arrangements.

Sword Ferns are low maintenance and can grow happily in pots

It enjoys dampness, shade, and humidity but does beautifully in a hanging planter with some misting and partial light. But it is equally happy outside, making a great addition to informal gardens. It is a terrible plant that does very well in shady woodland areas but thrives in full sun as long as it is watered well.

Sword Ferns are an excellent choice for line paths, adding some color to rocky hills, or accenting water features

It also does nicely for mixed borders, serving as a contrasting backdrop for flowering perennials. Grown in groups, they provide dramatically lush fillers for delicate areas. Sword Ferns get their name from their sword-like leaves which are triangular and pointed. This plant is very fast growing and can reach 3 ft in a short amount of time. This plant prefers top well-drained soil to thrive very well. They also unlike most ferns are susceptible to over-watering. They look great in hanging baskets and flower pots around the house. They also have beautiful dark green leaves in the summer.

Sword Ferns


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