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Sycamore Tree Seedlings

Sycamore Tree Seedlings

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American Sycamore- Platanus occidentalis Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Mature Height- 75-100 feet Mature Width-40-45' feet Bloom Season- Spring Sun or Shade- Sun


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 Sycamore Tree Seedlings attraction and usefulness of a sycamore tree are strongly appealing.

Native Americans knew this. For centuries, they used the trunks of sycamore trees in the construction of massive canoes. Even in the contemporary world, this unique species still occupies a place of importance. A good number of flooring, cabinets, furniture, music boxes, barrels, veneer and different parts of a violin are direct products of sycamore trees.

Mature Height: 60-100 feet

 Width: 40-60 feet

 Shape: Regular, round canopy

 Growth: Fast growing

 Sunlight: Full Sun

 Soil: Does best in moist, fertile, thick soils but is adaptable to a variety of soils, including wet soils, dry soils, poor soils, compacted soils, and soils of various pH

 Botanical name: Platanus occidentalis


One way you can always keep the beautiful memory of this special tree is by planting one in your home.

Guaranteed, you will not stop feeding your eyes on its round, crowned structure. It grows fast. Before a year runs out, a sycamore tree could be as high as 6 feet. Accompanying this massive height is its leafy and large features. Few other magnificent shade trees can compete with a sycamore tree. Once you have succeeded in planting one, the job is done. The tree has what it takes to survive harsh conditions. It is rugged and tolerant of varying growing and soil conditions. Even in times of drought, it still thrives.

 Sycamore Tree Seedlings is a great tree to add to your lawn or landscape. It will grow to be around 70 feet high. These trees will do well in full sunlight and partial sunlight. They will also do great in different soil conditions. These trees will grow 6 feet or more each year. You will be satisfied with the beautiful color that they will provide. Their leaves will be gorgeous. They will also attract a wide variety of birds.

Sycamore Tree Seedlings

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