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Toothwood Fern is the graceful yet hardy plant that will complement any garden by making use of challenging space.

Toothwood Fern

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Tooth Wood Fern-Dryopteris carthusiana Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full shade Mature Height - 20-35" Mature Width- 12-18" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

 Toothwood Fern is the graceful yet hardy plant that will complement any garden by making use of challenging space

The Toothwood Fern also known as the Narrow Buckler is a triangularly shaped fern with tiny leaflets that resemble teeth on each leaf. It is bright, vibrant, and green in color with a lacy appearance. The plant is often used as an accent border or background to cover grounds. It can also be used to maintain and prevent soil erosion from heavy rains when planted under the eave of a home. The plant can also be used in a flower pot or as an excellent centerpiece for a table.

Toothwood Fern is easy to care for and is used to enhance the looks of gardens and landscapes

This beautiful plant is not an evergreen and usually dies during the winter months. The fern tends to live in places where other plants can't grow and live longer than most plants. This would be an excellent choice for a person that enjoys a beautiful plant that can be used in many ways. Not only is the plant used to accent but would be great for a person that does not have the growing thumb that some others have.

Toothwood Fern gets their name for the small tooth-like braches at the end of the plant's leaves. This plant grows 2-3 ft high and 1 ft wide in optimum conditions. This plant prefers moist soils to boggy conditions, although it can manage drier soils for short amounts of time. This plant is semi-evergreen and will add a dash of color and is excellent as an accent plant for your home. This is the perfect fern for beginners.

Toothwood Fern is a perennial that thrives not only in partial shade and complete shade, but it also grows well in direct sunlight

This evergreen grows between two and three feet tall, and between two and three feet wide. It is often planted alongside spring flowers or in areas somewhat lacking in sunlight. This spring plant often forms hybrids with other ferns when it drops its spores. Its deep, cool color serves as an excellent background for any number of colorful blooms one may be keen to plant.

 Toothwood Fern

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