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Vinca Minor is called Periwinkle for its flower.

Vinca Minor

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Vinca minor is beautiful and easy to care for  

It is called Periwinkle for its flower. The blue-purple color predominates in the plant, but it can go to reddish-lavender or white. The purple flowers are solitary and are made of five beautiful petals measuring from 2 to 3 cm in diameter with a short tubular neck. The plant produces a pair of follicles which is the fruit with a measure of up to 2.5 cm in length.
As an evergreen ground cover plant, Vinca Minor is a trailing sub-shrub that can occasionally mount up to 40 cm from the ground. It will never climb. The different plant leave is glossy dark green with a wax leathery texture responsible for the outstanding dense foliage known to the evergreen Vinca plant. Vinca Minor, or periwinkle, is a lovely trailing ground cover that spreads throughout shady areas to create a lush carpet of glossy green leaves. The beautiful green leaves are pointy and oval and have a smooth tropical appearance. They are evergreen, enriching the stark days of winter.

Vinca Minor has delightful violet-purple or white flowers that bloom in spring

This plant's dense growth effectively smothers weeds and fills in hard-to-plant shady areas. It is also useful for erosion control. The plant spreads easily and quickly to fill in bare spots and add a soft, luxurious look to the landscape. Every yard is sure to have an area that can benefit from this elegant plant.

Vinca Minor does best in the shade

Botanical Latin Name: Vinca minor
Common Name: Myrtle, Creeping Myrtle, Periwinkle, or Vinca are also common names.
Sun Exposure: Best at the partial sun to full shade. A plant will not tolerate full sun.
Hardiness Zones: USDA zones 3 to 8. The plant performs best in fertile, moistly well-drained soils in partial shade to full shade; it is easy to adapt once established to any common grounds. The sturdy evergreen ground cover can tolerate average droughts.
Mature Height: Plant will grow at maturity to about 6 inches tall.
Spread Up to 3 feet in diameter for each plant with dense foliage.
Spacing: Plugs should be planted about 1-foot t apart from each other.
Growth Rate: The Vinca Minor has a medium growth rate.
Flowering Time: From early spring (late March to early April) to mid-summer, still producing some flowers into fall.
How Long It Flowers: 8 to 12 weeks of spectacular colors will stay in a display.

Vinca Minor

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